sciencentric® AG founds spin-off at ESA-site in Darmstadt – the spacecrumb® GmbH

There are currently 17 ESA Business Incubation Centers in 15 European countries. Each year, up to 140 young companies are supported there, which can implement their innovative business ideas with the active and financial support of ESA and the respective European countries (Link).

The ESA BIC of the federal states of Hesse & Baden-Württemberg, located in Darmstadt, was founded in 2007 and is managed by the Center for Satellite Navigation (cesah). With two further new locations in Reutlingen and Friedrichshafen, 60 start-ups will have the opportunity to incubate their ideas here until the end of 2021 and will go through funding phases of up to 2 years.

The sciencentric® AG also had the opportunity to present its innovative ideas. In a dedicated selection process in spring 2019, it was awarded for the funding of highly specialized software solutions in the field of astrophysical research moved to an independent limited liability company, spacecrumb® GmbH.

The spacecrumb® GmbH is taking over the scientific products of sciencentric AG with the aim to improve and complete them. Mainly suited by software solutions for the automation of astrophysical observations and the exact determination of different celestial bodies, which can be found in earth orbit or are gravitationally influenced by it. Typical objects can be satellites, all forms of space debris or asteroids. Especially the latter, which could become dangerous to earth due to their position and location. Due to the necessary high level of software engineering expertise, algorithms are developed here that heavily rely on the ever-advancing artificial intelligence at their core.

With the new foundation of the spacecrumb® GmbH we are opening a new chapter in the development of automation solutions in the scientific field, everything with the aim of not only making it a subject of discussion but also to apply them.