Scientific developments

Scientific developments – partner with passion

Curiosity, Know-how and passion for high complex technologies form the base for us to always recreate IT and find new innovative solutions. This enlightened thought accompanies the work of sciencentric for almost three decades. Hence, not only pathbreaking applications for customers were created but also some sophisticated developments in the area of Automation, Internet of Things and Astronomy as well. The experience and the corresponding results of researched work are -of course- our customers value add, also ending in conclusion that achievements and possibilities of past projects will not be forgotten.

Cooperation with Institutes

We are permanently cultivating our partnership to Universities, Colleges and well-known scientific Institutes. We are particularly proud of the teamwork with the Fraunhofer Institute IMS. The collaborative work led to sophisticated systems to control heterogenous sensor protocols, which in turn form the base for the development of the JamesBoxx©, a solution used in home automation or some very special IoT applications used in industrial areas. Strengthened by the BMWi (the government department of research and economy) we were able to develop an automation platform to control and to operate heterogenous sensor protocols wirelessly as well the corresponding manufacture devices which were operated by the underlying sensor protocols. This transponder solution supports six different sensor network topologies in parallel,which are usable in many industry or scientific areas.

The full-automated implementation of Libelium sensors, enables operations and measurements of sensor values and the detection of limitation violations. Our developed and inbound encapsulated messaging-system notifies the administrator automatically in case of alarm situations. E.g., the measurement of environmental parameter within cities or the car-park routing system via App.

As automation experts we are also connected to the Leibniz-Institut für umweltmedizinische Forschung (IUF) in Düsseldorf. In a collaborative development we created a new innovative concept for alarm situations to monitor laboratories with alive entities. As a prerequisite the laboratories were not only monitored under special conditions but also to inform stuff members digitally if an alarm situation was raised. Particularly to protect the technical equipment in case of power breakdowns and of course the alive entities which are affected in such situations.

The successful implemented solution acts as a reference project in order to prove cost effective possibilities of inducing alarms energy efficiently, fast and reliable.

To connect worlds

sciencentric is literally reaching the stars when using the self-assembled remote observatory located„Tivoli Southern Sky Guest Farm“in Namibia. The observatory offers the possibility of using the system remotely and invites to create deep-sky images to hobby astronomers as well as for professionals. This unique solution is using either typical Internet and IoT-technologies as well as specific protocols to control and to monitor the system remotely. In fact, the system is based on specific plugin techniques putting the user in place using specialized functionalities but is also base of our further development. Created with great enthusiasm in the area of Astronomy and Astrophysics the before mentioned development leads to further cooperation in Astronomy as well as in aerospace. For more information and access: