Internet of Things

IoT – chance and challenge of software development

The Internet of Things and the corresponding digital transformation are more than trendy terms, even in sciencentrics software development. The companies and industries economic potential is tremendous. The access on diversified information -independently of cloud-based solutions or not- and the internetworking of devices and machines offer more than monitoring, optimizing possibilities or the migration on new services. In general, every smart and automated taken decision represents overall information that are mainly delivered by sensors and actors.

sciencentric offers long term expertise’s of software development,often described as new area. Raised from segment automationthe development of intelligent sensor networks, their operation and the integration on embedded platforms has been part of our typical knowledge repertoire for a long time.

The base of our work mainly consists of software development of location-independent devices which are used to control, measure and operate components wirelessly.


In most cases the added value of IoT is based on exchanging data and the collaboration of heterogenous devices. That is why standards and interoperability are prerequisites but also a challenge for IoT applications.

Applying agile software development within IoT, we are focusing on every level to balance the typical differences of sensors and actors in operations and supervisions as well to homogenize and standardize. To protect the invests of our customers, our development and implementations are based on multivendor strategies and are part of the open source philosophy. Also keeping an eye on compatibility and adaptable friendliness.

User friendliness

Software development is our passion as it goes along with the creation of innovative and individual solutions. As sensor network specialists, we are always taking care of creating user-friendly systems. The need for simplifying high sophisticated coherencies in usages and reliability represents daily-business for us. The long- term experience of technical knowledge and therefore the resulting possibilities composes the base of our development, though sciencentric also takes care of technical laymen when creating new products.

Find out more about sciencentrics IoT experience and corresponding software development by means of some project examples.