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sciencentric® represents agile software development – custom-made, strong in innovations and reliable. Former known as Heuser Software AG, we now operate with a new brand but the same team since 2019. As sciencentric it is still the combination in which we provide wide-range expertise added with knowledge based on technologies, visionary thinking, focusing (finally all to focus) on individual and reliable solutions. We are developing innovative applications on demand – over all kinds of branches for 29 years. We always focus on optimizing processes but likewise take care of user-friendly usages and clear understanding. Efficiency and flexibility are elementary and create the base of our work. Especially in times of digital transformation.

Software development

software development

Where standards cannot be aimed, we develop sophisticated software-based solutions, functional and close to the user. We understand ourselves as a full-service supplier compositing holistic and agile project management. With fundamental knowledge in technology and conceptional consultancy, we are developing reliable solutions alongside with our customers, including everything needed, from design over architecture to final testing and approval.

Our interdisciplinary team is using the most recent developing languages, scalable databases and cutting-edge technologies. All, to either model reliable cloud-based or decentralized solutions, added with the needed professional project handling.

Quality, stability and flexibility are keywords that form every design step, alike the focus on user-friendliness notably with high complex applications.

Our solutions in use

As an innovative company with trendsetting solutions, we support our customers in the wide field of middle-class, industry and government sector to achieve their strategical and technological goals. With agile methods we develop tailor-made software solutions and future proof applications for the practical inset – across all industrial sectors.

Internet of Things

Scientific and academic software solutions



Drupal + Vue.js = Awesome

Drupal + Vue.js = Awesome

Bringing Drupal 8 page with Vue.js to the modern web. There are several reasons and approaches to decouple the presentation and data management of a Drupal website.

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BigData in astrophysics

BigData in astrophysics

Talking about observable Astrophysics creates huge amounts of data in imaging if the biggest telescopes worldwide are used. People are decreasingly able to analyze and interpret these data.

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Be part of our team

Are you looking for exciting new challenges in software development or would like to proof yourself either as a career beginner or with an university degree? Take your chance, be part of our team and join a very creative and innovative group of lateral thinkers, professional developers and architects.

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